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The  SpeakerBOX Voice Annunciator 16MB-15-2  is a DIN-rail module that is able to store and play voice and sound files in .wav format by activating hardware inputs or through serial RS-232 commands.

The module has a lot of applications. Some examples:

industry:              giving warning messages and alarmssounds, assistance of operator through voice
vehicles:               warning messages, alarmsounds (forklifts, cranes, autobus…)              
buildings:            PA systems, voice over telephone, GSM, alarmcentres and intrusion prevention, doorbell, musea, alarm messages,         messages for visual disables people              
marketing:          POS (Point of sales), POI (Point of information), shops
measurement:    telemetry: passing measurement data through

The module is cheaper and smaller to apply than a PC and is easier to put into service.
A built in audio amplifier can drive directly a speaker. The 15 inputs are galvanically isolated via optocouplers and there are 2 galvanically isolated relay outputs with change-over contact. The relay outputs can be used for example to switch loudspeakers in different locations. The module can be powered with a  DC voltage. A 3.5mm jack output delivers signal to connect to an external audio power amplifier. There is a test button to test the module.  A potentiometer controls the volume.

Programming is done bymeans of a handy PC program and a serial cable. The different .wav files are loaded as fragments and can be used separately or combined to entries. The 15 inputs can be used to play entries. Also the volume and the repetition time (once or repeating to 650s) can be set per fragment. Inputs react on high, low or edge triggered. There are 3 priority levels. The 2 outputs can be set for each input separately. All fragments, entries and inputs can also be activated though serial commands: this makes it possible to form dynamic messages: for example giving time, measurement data, names from persons. Max. 255 fragments and max. 255 entries can be made.

Samplerate and storage capacity

The module can handle samplerates between 4000 and 22050 samples/s, mono. There is 16MByte flash memory. Sound samples can be collected via de PC software and must have a .wav format. Shareware programs can easily convert any sound format to a mono format of maximum 22050 samples/s. A sample can be 8 of 16 bits long. 8 bit has a lower sound quality but allows to store double as much data. The D/A converter has a resolution of 12 bits.


8 bit
(low quality)

(best quality)










Tekstvak: Time in minutes



1.     15 low voltage inputs (4.5..24V) for DC, galvanically separated via optocouplers.

2.     RS-232 serial female D9 connector for programming and control. The baudrate can be set with a DIP switch on the side of the module (115200, 19200, 9600, 1200 baud). 


1.     Two relay changeover contacts, galvanically isolated, usable for 240Vac. Each output has a LED indicator. Maximal current is 5A or 1200W.

2.     Two speaker outputs: it is possible to drive 2 speakers or 1 speaker at higher power level. The 2 outputs are driven in anti phase(bridge amplifier). Poutput power with 1 speaker: 5W continuous in 8Ω at Vin >17V.

3.     AF 3.5mm 3 pole (stereo) jack to drive an external power amplifier if the internal power is insufficient. Left and right channel are in parallel because the module stores only mono.


The module must be powered with DC-voltage (11..35V). A LED indicator shows if the power is present.


The module must be clicked on a C type Din-rail. Wires are connected with screw terminals for wire with a cross section of 0,5 … 2,5mm˛.
The plastic housing has cooling holes. A built in fan assurescooling for the audio amplifier. Dimensions: H x D x B = 90 x 106.5 x 45mm.

PC Software

The CD contains the PC software, over 200 Dutch voice fragments, spoken by a professional voice, and several other sounds which can be used directly for loading in the module. The PC software can be used to select fragments , define entries and to configure in- and outputs. All module functionality can be tested via the software.
The internet is the ideal location to find more .wav sound files.

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Voice Annunciator 16MB-15-2

(voice module)